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I heart crack.

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Read This First [27 Oct 2008|01:46pm]
I've kept blogs before. Maybe you recognise me. All entries here will (ideally) be public, so if you care to follow along, you don't have to friend this journal. *waves to people who already know about this* If you do friend me, I'll most likely friend you back and, you know, actually read your journal too. Keep in mind this is my space, and any opinions expressed within are mine alone, and you're not obligated to agree with them. So just chill out if you ever feel inclined to come into my backyard and have a pissing contest. It's uncool without invitation.

ETA: And I think I may keep this a fandom-only kinda journal. Still debating. Well, fandom-mainly journal.
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to omg_lightsaber players. I think I've already talked to everyone else. [15 Jan 2006|01:50pm]
[ mood | withdrawal ]

I'm having connection problems, no net service at home. I'm at a friend's right now deleting his porn from the computer using his. Someone is supposed to be out in "up to 3 business days" to check out the cables and everything and get it working for me again, but who really knows when it will be taken care of. This is why I haven't been around for a few days. Sorry about that, anyone who may be waiting on me. I'm really missing you guys and the crack. *emo tears* My day doesn't feel complete without it now. Anyway ... here's the heads up, I may be gone for a short while more. I'll play catch up whenever I'm back on my own computer again.

I'm not sure if dawning_entropy is still alive, but of course this will affect apprentice_maul and padawan_quinlan's activity too.

I'll mooch more internet time off someone if it's not taken care of within a few days. I seem to be having a string of bad luck lately. -.-;

I think we're going to a movie now. Maybe it'll help ease my withdrawal. ;) I hope you're all happy and healthy and all that good stuff. See you in a few days (I hope).

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So tired. [07 Jan 2006|09:18pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

*plays with lightsabers!* This is pretty fun. But I'm a 'saber geek. Maul's is the biggest by far. *immature snickering* Hee, there's even a wee Yoda one to play with. (Click a mouse button to activate the blade on each.)

The real point of this post is to apologise to any and all who are used to me being around for a while daily, be it for random conversation or roleplay. I've cut back on my "online time," I'm not just slacking everywhere. I'm unfortunately having to deal with someone's emotional trauma and working overtime on top of it, both of which are wiping me out. I could rant about either in detail, and may or may not in the future, but it'd be fairly pointless. It's life. I've gotten good at accepting it as it is, and working to change anything I don't like. That's what I'm trying to do currently.

Darth Saruman. XD

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Help? [01 Jan 2006|07:57am]
Poll #643334 Maul's costume

What should Maul's costume be of?

An angel
A Sith Lord
A big fuzzy Wookiee suit
Some kind of animal (what?)
Other -- specify below


ETA: Angel won. Haha, he should be Yoda next. Maybe he'd get to stay dressed. :p
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Hmm. [01 Jan 2006|07:46am]
[ mood | hungry ]

SW character memeCollapse )

SW: Episode III premiere pics, and othersCollapse )

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The sort of stuff I wanted to see in Star Wars: TPM, between Qui and Obi. [01 Jan 2006|02:01am]
[ mood | curious ]

George needs to learn from this guy about proper father/son dynamic. Yeah I know Qui and Obi aren't father and son, but Qui technically IS the closest thing to a father-figure Obi has, in my opinion.

Balian = Orlando Bloom, Godfrey = Qui-Gon Jinn Liam Neeson.
From the Kingdom of Heaven script (one of the versions, anyway), verbatim:

Godfrey peels the orange. Balian allows Godfrey to put the section of fruit, not unlike the host, into his mouth. Quite obviously he has never expected that anything on the earth could taste like this. Mouth still crammed, the juice trickling, he stares at his father.

... What? I can't be the only one who sees it.

Interestingly, that scene WAS shot, but got cut from the theatrical release. Even better? It's in the director's cut of KoH, which is playing right now in California apparently, in select theatres. Somewhere. People on IMDb have seen it. And it's a version that actually makes sense, and there's more Liam, yay! Supposedly about a half hour more.

So who lives in Cali and wouldn't mind a house guest for a few days? ;) I really doubt we'll get the director's cut over here, unless it's released on DVD. Here's hoping. More Liam is a very good thing.

Oh, and happy new year, everyone!

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Hee. [30 Dec 2005|07:59am]
[ mood | *yawn* ]

Godfrey of Ibelin has become one of my very favourite Liam Neeson roles. I love the character. He's about the only thing that made Kingdom of Heaven bearable for me. Well, there was Edward Norton playing the leper king, Baldwin. And Jeremy Irons as Tiberias. Even Remus Lupin, I mean David Thewlis playing Hospitaller. Okay, so overall I did like the cast, it's just the main character, Balian... aka Godfrey's "hot young bastard son", aka Legolas, aka Orlando Bloom, who I don't care for. His acting mostly kind of sucks in my opinion.

Godfrey and Balian do share a few slashy moments, which is both so wrong and kind of nice. It really reminded me of the movie Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan dynamic, in a weird way.

I'll be playing Godfrey in a Kingdom of Heaven-inspired roleplay and may or may not pimp the game when it starts, if any of you are interested. And assuming it's okay with the mods.

Anyway, what made me think of this is, Qui-Gon should go as Godfrey to the New Year's party shindig thing over at omg_lightsaber. :D Since he'd look hot dressed up as a Crusader Knight, and someone coughObiorAni?cough could totally go as his hot bastard son if they wanted. Or one of his hot Crusader companion Knights. Even a female could, or little amphibian. They'd get to carry big swords! (Which of course Qui can "acquire" easily.) Or, you know... not. Just an idea, if anyone isn't sure what costume to have for their character. ;) Dooku would make a good Tiberias.

Godfrey is basically a Qui-Gon of the Crusades. Maybe that's partly why I like the character so much. He's a badass rebel and, well, I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone but he also shares other (more depressing) similarities with Qui-Gon. *copy/pastes from someone, sans spoilers*Collapse )

Qui, I mean Liam, er, Godfrey of Ibelin spam...7 nice picturesCollapse )

Good idea or bad idea?

P.s., watch Liam swordfight.

ETA: Liam has really big hands. Not that I'm barely noticing, but yeah. He could probably crush somebody's skull with a hand.

ETA2: You guys are all insane and I love it.

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I'm celebrating Sithmas. [26 Dec 2005|12:58pm]
[ mood | holidayed out ]

Happy holidays everyone! Hope you all have a great time whether you celebrate anything or not. I've been doodling the omg_lightsaber cast being Christmassy, but as I lack both scanner and digital camera currently, they'll be hard to share.

I became a Jesuit so I could celebrate the over-commercialised Christian concept of an originally Pagan festival, but now find my vow of poverty interfering. /lame sarcasm and ongoing joke in my family. Always at my expense.

Sorry I've not been around much in the roleplaying universes, been too busy finding eco-friendly wrapping paper and eating my weight in chocolate. ;)

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[20 Dec 2005|02:37pm]
[ mood | so tired ]

How on earth did I manage to get a cold. This is insane. Then again, I get colds in summer so I shouldn't be surprised. I sound like a Grievous, and there's apparently an entire river of snot residing in my head. This is horrible. How am I supposed to get all my Christmas crap done? I feel like sleeping all day, but when I do try to sleep, the coughing and inability to breathe keep me awake. I tried watching a movie and kept nodding off, tried reading with the same results. Neck kink. So tired. Can't focus any longer. *thud*

Sith Picnic, oddly cuteCollapse )

I'm wondering how into subtly slashy undertones Sidious' player would be, over at dawning_entropy. *snerk* I should be ashamed of myself, always turning Maul gayish.

ETA: Haven't forgotten that I was tagged, just haven't really been coherent enough to give thoughtful answers. ;)

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[18 Dec 2005|01:17am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

I've re-watched the original Star Wars trilogy over the past couple days, and I think now I'm finally old enough to understand and appreciate them. Like any little kid, of course I loved SW, and wanted to be a Jedi Knight and Rebel fighter (and depending on my mood, a Sith), but didn't "get" the SW universe like I do now.

Long rambling, plus spoilers galore for any who haven't seen all the SW moviesCollapse )

This icon is also brought to you by my inner Maul.

*thinking about applying for Jabba jabba_the_slutt over at omg_lightsaber* Oh man, someone talk me out of it. I'm already on too much crack as it is! Plus I now have a wee 16-17 year old Maul, and a wee 18-19 year old Quinlan Vos over at dawning_entropy (cool name, by the way). (And just ignore how I accidentally linked the wrong name at first.)

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[16 Dec 2005|03:07am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Wow, I'm passing out. Bedtime. Sorry to anyone who's in a thread with me. *waves* I'll be back later. Unless Christmas shopping/traffic later kills me, which it very well could.

Omg_Lightsaber RP amusing moments last night:Collapse )

I bet I could probably do a passably adequate-to-good Padawan Quinlan Vos in a JA-era RP, but I'm iffy. I might rather stick with Omg. So my vote's for a rock of doom plot in Omg instead. *shrug* I guess I'll sleep on it. I hope you guys don't lose interest in Omg though. *tear*

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[11 Dec 2005|05:37pm]
[ mood | tired ]

In many of the Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan stories I've been reading, there seems to be a common formula throughout. It generally follows one, or combines two or more, of these:

Obi-Wan: *worries excessively*
Qui-Gon: *fails to emote*
(They have sex.)

Obi-Wan: *estrogen levels rise unchecked*
Qui-Gon: *fails to emote*
(They have sex.)

Obi-Wan: *saves Qui-Gon's ass for the 72nd time against impossible odds*
Qui-Gon: *fails to emote*
(They have sex.)

Then I realise that's basically canon, minus the sexing part. (I kid, I kid.)

I'm not sure which is worse, Qui-Gon with the emotional depth of cardboard, or the stories where he's a raving abusive lunatic. There is a happy medium, people. :(

In fandom, Obi-Wan has become the gayest gay character to ever be gay. And I mean that in terms of sexual orientation, not derogatorily. Even in some het stories, you know Obi-Wan's thinking, "Well I'd really prefer someone with a peen, but since she's naked and available, I guess I could poke her a bit with my lightsaber while I think of Qui-Gon/Anakin."

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[08 Dec 2005|05:56pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

Headache's completely gone. Oh sweet relief. Praise the wonder that is meditation (with a side of Advil and caffeine).

My Omg!Maul amuses me in the worst way. Fluctuates between being like an adolescent eager to discover sex and get his horns rubbed (among other things), and being so completely naive and innocent he's a bit of a brown nosing twerp. He and Barriss are so cute together.

Now to figure out dinner...

ETA: Why is LJ STILL not emailing me half the comments I get journal-wise? *tempted to headdesk again*

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[08 Dec 2005|03:14pm]
[ mood | sore ]

I think I've *headdesk*ed one too many times, I have a bad headache. First one in a long time. So I might try to meditate or sleep for a couple hours. It's going all the way down my neck, and behind my eyes. Throoob. Throoob. Throoob. Maybe ice would help.

I had some really bizarre crack-inspired dreams the other night. Too embarrassing to share in detail. One featured me going to the cinema to see the latest Star Wars movie, which was all cracked out and had Qui-Gon Jinn being seduced by Darth Maul, and vice versa... Um, yeah. Very not PG-13. That was a somewhat masturbatory pairingCollapse ) (warning: slashy image) considering I play both. I have to wonder just what's going on in my subconscious mind, sometimes.

Yay for having the week off. I might go to the beach. I could live there. I've been wanting to work on my photography too. Sigh, I wish I had more free time.

I redid my layout a bit. Made a background image and fixed it so it can serve as a header. I might pay for this LJ, but I haven't decided. The only thing I'd use a paid account for is to have more icons. Maybe for the custom layout options. And photohosting. Okay, it might be worth it.

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Madness [04 Dec 2005|11:43pm]
I've found quite possibly the best Obi-Wan/Maul fanfic that's ever existed. What makes it so good, to me, is that the author obviously knows her stuff. Each character is in character, or as in character as they can be in an AU slash story. There's not three lines of dialogue and a sentence of description then seven paragraphs of smut. In fact, there's no smut until the end, and it's not like what's generally out there in the Obi/Maul (tiny) fandom, which can admittedly be pretty scary in the written sex department. Most of all, I found everything believable, and the emotional connections WORK.

Another selling point is Qui-Gon is alive, he trains Anakin, and there's implied Qui-Gon/Xanatos. Which is more or less very mutual, not evil and squicky with creepy rapist-vibes all through it (why is Xan written like a rapist so often anyway?)

It's well written. Not overly verbose, but not sparsely detailed either. It's what I love to read, the perfect mix of both. And the plot is really interesting. I can't describe it too much without giving key things away, so I encourage you all to run, don't walk, and go read it. For convenience (mainly my own, so I don't have to wrestle my messy bookmarks when I want to reread it), I've archived it here.

(SW:Phantom Menace; spoilers and AU for movies and novels)(Obi-Wan/Maul, implied Xanatos/Qui-Gon)(R) Maul survives and forms an unholy alliance. Jedi and Sith share an apprentice. War envelops the Republic and the Empire. And Maul wants Obi-Wan. Badly.
Warning: Character deaths. Many. Probably not anyone you'd miss though, if you're mainly a fan of Anakin/Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon/Maul/Xanatos. There is also Force molestation with questionable consent, but don't worry, it's not violent and both parties obviously kind of dig it. I'd never recc anything involving actual rape.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8 and end.
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Madness -- for the archives [04 Dec 2005|11:14pm]
MADness (Mutual Assured Destruction) - part 8, finalCollapse )
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Madness -- for the archives [04 Dec 2005|11:11pm]
MADness (Mutual Assured Destruction) - part 7Collapse )
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Madness -- for the archives [04 Dec 2005|11:05pm]
MADness (Mutual Assured Destruction) - part 6Collapse )
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Madness -- for the archives [04 Dec 2005|11:00pm]
MADness (Mutual Assured Destruction) - part 5Collapse )
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Madness -- for the archives [04 Dec 2005|10:51pm]
MADness (Mutual Assured Destruction) - part 4Collapse )
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